GDI offers access to the leading-edge AutoMatch™ Technology that works “round-the-clock” for you.
You get instant matches and quality hires – the targeted, accurate, and best candidates delivered at a speed unmatched in the industry.

AutoMatch Technology

It Starts with AutoMatch™  Getting Instant Results

Hiring managers need results fast – AutoMatch works continuously delivering results
As new candidates are added to the pool, you receive instant updates with accurate matches to your requisitions as soon as they are submitted. You see the selected pinpoint matches based on multiple factors that go far beyond just key words.

Hiring Managers and Job Seekers get the benefit of AutoMatch working continuously identifying and matching them to the best opportunity for them.

AutoMatch accuracy goes beyond classic search engines

AutoMatch examines additional context like type of company, industries, proximity, length in previous role, salary comparisons and more. We also connect the dots for related experience, progressive skills, training, job roles (not just titles) and even commute time!

Quit searching, start Hiring

Once you load the requisition, you will automatically get immediate matches as new candidates are entered in our databases of candidates. And we can connect to your database as well to make sure we cover all your bases. It’s that simple. You get the benefit of a broad pool of qualified candidates and no duplicate results. No Iterative searches or mismatched candidates.

AutoMatch dramatically reduces the time to hire and delivers accurate results

The Hiring Manager gets notified immediately through SMS or Email on any device. AutoMatch then sends the results to the GDI ActionBoard for further review if needed. The results are instantaneous. You get the full view of candidates sent to the GDI ActionBoard where you can connect with the candidate immediately and know that all your activity is instantly tracked and logged automatically.

GDI improves the speed, quality
and retention of recruiting


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