GDI Random Acts of Kindness Challenge


Stefanie C. Mitchell

The Summer is my favorite time of the year- it’s warm, there’s always something fun going on outdoors (weather permitting), and everyone is just in a happier mood. I often see that in the Spring and Summer, charitable habits become, well, less of a habit. I’m all about spreading positive vibes year-round so here at GDI, we’re implementing our Random Acts of Kindness Challenge. Each week, we’re dedicating our time, resources, and expertise to help out those who need it. If you need some creative ideas, we’ve come up with a list to get you started:

1. Donate your gently-used clothes. (You know that pile of clothes you haven’t worn in a while that you tossed in a huge garbage bag or cardboard box while Spring-cleaning? Donate those!)

2. Become a mentor.

3. Call your grandma and stay on the phone for as long as she wants :)

4. Leave an encouraging note in someone’s mailbox, on their windshield, or in a book/magazine. They won’t see it coming and it may be exactly what they needed to “hear”

5. Be nice to the cashier and strike up a genuine conversation

6. Pick up litter

7. Surprise a friend with a gift

8. Spend your Saturday(s) volunteering at a shelter or beautifying your neighborhood

9. Lend your expertise and talents- if you’re business-savvy, give pointers to a friend who wants to start a business. If you’re in HR, give career-tips or help someone with their resume. If you’re fashionable- help a family member or friend feel beautiful on the inside and out.

10. Cook for your parents

11. Volunteer at your kid’s school for a day or go in for an hour and read to their class

12. Buy a stranger a meal

13. Give a warm smile

14. Babysit for free!

15. Let someone share your umbrella

16. Send a care package to our troops

17. Help a friend or family member move (and don’t complain…not once…not even if they live on the 3rd floor… and it’s good exercise anyway!)

18. Comment on a friend’s blog post and share it on social media

19. Give compliments often

20. Give a business recommendation

These are pretty light-hearted, easy ways to make a difference that doesn’t require a lot. What are your favorite, unique ways to give back? We’d love to get some more ideas!

During the challenge, be sure to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter and tell us or show us the different ways you’re giving back.

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