Managed Workforce Solutions

A systematic approach to implementation and access to data, ensures top talent delivery and provides effective workforce solutions. GDI takes it one step further, using our unique and extensive knowledge of the technology industry to connect vendor management teams. We have extensive experience in global contingent workforce management and we can meet your supplier diversity goals. Our AutoMatch™ technology, resources and experience make the prime difference.

As your Managed Staffing provider, GDI offers extensive experience and technology for best-in-class managed workforce solutions

Technology and the GDI ActionBoard at the Core

You’d be hard pressed to find an MSP partner with our level of matchmaking technology, experience and insight into contingent workforce management solutions, as well as integration capability and involvement. In fact, our own founders created the AutoMatch™  and ActionBoard technology software we use today. We also work closely with the leading VMS platforms in the market to make your connection seamless.

Not only do you have access to the best technology, you gain the value of our extensive experience in managing IT contingent workforces and teams. By giving you visibility with our GDI ActionBoard, you also get the added value of control over the results as fast as they appear.

The Right Partner for Your Company

GDI is the best partner for medium and small companies who want to gain all the benefits of MSP without the burden of MSP administration. We know the challenges of competing to get the best candidates. GDI has the power to deliver the right team for your business success.

  1. HR staff gets better pipeline of candidates
  2. Hiring managers have better visibility into the process
  3. Hiring managers can control the selection criteria
  4. Management can view and track the activity

Add more power to your existing VMS

The AutoMatch™ technology can be a “bolt-on” to VMS technology as a GDI exclusive offering. AutoMatch™ technology used by GDI is more than effective – it’s faster and more accurate than classic tools.

The results from the deep, contextual AutoMatch™ algorithms go beyond keywords and deliver with speed and accuracy. Our proprietary search algorithms and vast global candidate resources deliver results. Speed up and enhance the power of your existing VMS with AutoMatch™.

Experience in Contingent Labor Management Globally

We’re at the forefront of the contingent workforce marketplace, earning early contracts with major financial, healthcare and social technology providers. Our global footprint is deep and wide, and our expertise managing complex programs has prepared and equipped us to meet the most demanding requirements and expectations.

Your Supplier Diversity Partner

GDI is a certified minority-owned business. We are the partner of choice for many enterprises looking to meet their overall supplier diversity and development goals. We are leaders in the diversity business community.

GDI Matchmaking MSP Services

• Contingent workforce management
• Custom Solutions
• Vendor Management
• Administrative, Regulatory Management

GDI Matchmaking RPO Services

• End-to-end RPO – management of the entire recruiting process
• Point solutions – management of select recruiting process components (e.g., sourcing, recruitment administration, recruitment technology management)
• Project solutions – management of short-term projects and pilots (e.g., hiring surges, on-demand needs, facility startups)
• Global RPO – management of global recruiting needs


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